Issue of licenses of each category in Monterotondo: for safe and aware driving

Our driving school not only deals with the issuance of licenses of each category. At our headquarters in Monterotondo, in the province of Rome, you can receive all the information and assistance you need regarding renewals of driving licenses and CQC, an acronym that indicates the Heavy Vehicles Qualification Card. Furthermore, our staff is also at your disposal for the issue of duplicate licenses and for the conversion of military and foreign licenses into compliance with the law. For your driving on the road, choose the awareness of driving safely and carefully. Trust the experts of our driving school, to get to know the road before you even travel it.

  • achievement of AM, A1, A2, A, B1 licenses. B, C. D, E  
  • achievement of CQC renewal 
  • KB renewal achievement 
  • patent renewal
  • conversion of duplicate licenses

The practical tests

In addition to the theory, which undoubtedly plays an important role – and it is essential to study and understand it better, because knowledge of the Highway Code allows you to achieve full awareness of the roads you travel on and the vehicle you are driving -, one aspect of great importance is played by practice. 
Various practical tests are foreseen by law, before being able to carry out the final examination which will give the right to the licence, it is advisable to do as many as possible, because only in this way will it be possible to understand the perfect functioning of the vehicle. Among the practical tests made available by the driving school are the different types of vehicles. 

Motorcycle tests

The driving school also makes available to its members a track for practical tests on motorcycles. Furthermore, at our driving school it is possible to take advantage of the advantages of an excellent insurance service, which includes various areas of coverage, with accident and general liability policies. 

Come and visit us in Via Antonio Gramsci 30 in Monterotondo